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The B.A. Group is engaged in the planning and initiation of residential and commercial construction projects in Israel. A longstanding ambition to be the Best in the industry has been our main inspiration since we start our business in real estate back in 2013.

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All About Us

The founder of B.A. Group is Mr. Yaakov Ben Aharon who started his career in real estate almost a decade ago - over the years almost all types of transactions in the world of real estate have passed under his eyes. Initially he started as a local broker who gained hundreds of satisfied clients through deals he managed in residential real estate and then he managed construction clearance and TAMA 38 projects from start to finish, today he collaborates with developers across the country, among other things he now participates in a Villas project in the south Country.

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Do you have a new project in mind? or maybe you have a piece of land? Learn about the services provided by B.A. group to determine whether we’re the right Real Estate Developer for you. also if you want to check if your building has the right to tama 38 process you can trust us that we give and provide you and your Neighbors The whole package and services until to the and

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